About Us

 We specialize in recording all type of music including Country, Gospel, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop, or any type whether you are a solo artist or a band.  We can also provide professional musicians and singers if needed.....The staff at DNA Recordingz Studio are always courteous, helpful and are willing to go out of our way to accomendate  our clients....Dna Recording Studio is a family own and operate.  Independent engineers are welcome with great support from our staff we are here to help create a relaxed atmosphere.....


Dna Music Inc. has an internationally awarded team of experienced in house composers and sound designers with credit.  We also manages a group of young, cutting edge, creative composers working under the brand De Vypahz. This comprehensive team of varied talent gives We have the ability to deliver and satisfy any requirement in original music composition, in any style and with sensitivity to budget variations. Dna has created large symphonic scores in addition to simple ring tones along with everything in between. 

 The full, undivided attention of a professional recording engineer/producer for a whole day or half a day .

Since 1999 Dna Music Inc! has worked with many talented, well-known artists and provided the local music community with a comfortable and affordable place to make records. Check out our links for more info about projects we've worked on, a full list of equipment we have to offer, freelance engineers who can do sessions at our studio, photos of our rooms, information about studio we have for rent, and contact info so you can get a hold of us to tour the studio and book your next project! so please call the number below.........




Samuel W. Flowers Sr  CEO

President, Dna Music Inc. Recording Studio  

Dubzino Engineer

  Samson W. Flowers:  AR                  Shaun W. Flowers:  Engineer 

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